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The assessor is responsible for maintaining property tax cards for all parcels in the township.  These tax cards contain information on property descriptions, property improvements, land values, real-property values, and ownership information.  Our goal is to provide equal taxation for equal property.

While the Supervisor is empowered by State Law to be the assessor, Pine River Township has chosen to contract this specialized service to Doug Merchant.  His Level-II state certification provides assurance to the residents of the township that the assessments are being handled in a methodical and very professional manner.

The township has invested in new software from a Michigan company (BS&A) to record all property tax data.  Mr. Merchant has visited all parcels in the township, and has updated all information (including digital photographs) for parcels.  With this “snapshot” view of the township at large, we can more accurately prepare tax valuations for the treasurer to collect.